Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To Dip or Not To Dip?

Do you like dipping your food into drinks? I like dipping Hup Seng cream crackers into a cup of hot Milo or coffee. Oh, and of course dunking oreos into a glass of milk too! Yums.

However, I find it strange for someone to dip his french fries into coke! Why would someone do that? Is it strange or it's just me? Dipping fries into sundae is totally acceptable, but not into soft drinks. Somehow mixing fries with any drinks for that matter seems wrong to me. :P

It's also weird to see someone "drink" his mashed potatoes through a straw! Hahaha. I guess people have funny habits when it comes to eating too? :) Do you have any?

I certainly don't mind mixing my food.. when it comes to this:
Decadent chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip ice-cream sandwich! Double choc chips yumminess! ;)

Quote of the day ~ Today is a gift, that is why it is called Present ~


Unknown said...

i love dipping stuff into my drink.

i always dip my toasts into coffee...even if it's cold coffee and i must dip my cookies into my it coffee or milk or even tea hehe

Maris said...

Looks delish! I love the idea behind your blog. I also write about recipes and cooking for twenty somethings so I hope you'll come by and visit me! :)

Cath @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

I'm a bit of a serial dipper so this post was right up my street!