Friday, August 29, 2008

Stir-fry Fish with Fermented Black Beans

Hi! Here's another quick and simple dish to add to the list. Aahhh.. this is a lazy weekend for me! :D

Stir-fry Fish with Fermented Black Beans
- 1 Basa fish fillet
- Fermented Black beans (hmm.. this is tricky.. I don't know how to put the measurement for this.. around 20 beans? 1 spoonful? hehe)
- Garlic
- 1 stalk of spring onion

1. Rinse some fermented black beans with water and mash them a little
2. Chop spring onion
3. Cut fish fillet into preferred size
4. Marinate fish with mashed fermented black beans
5. Chop garlic finely
4. Fry garlic in a pan till fragrant
5. Add marinated fish pieces with mashed fermented black beans
8. Stir fry fish pieces till they're cooked
9. Add chopped spring onion and stir through together
10. Serve with rice

Notice that I didn't add any soy sauce or salt to the dish. That's because the fermented black beans I used were quite salty. They gave the fish just the right amount of flavour. ;)

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Fearless Kitchen said...

This looks great. With so few ingredients it looks very simple, but very flavorful!

Kevin said...

That fish with the fermented black beans looks really tasty! I am always looking for ways to enjoy fermented black beans.

Cheeky said...

fearless kitchen: yeah, most of the dishes i cook are using very few ingredients. i try to keep things simple :D

kevin: you can also replace fish with chicken or pork and cook it a little longer. you'll need to add a little more fermented black beans for that. ;)