Saturday, June 14, 2008

Memory Box

Not so long ago, I'd reformatted my laptop and unfortunately, wiped out a very important folder. Somehow I had forgotten to backup an album that contained several valuable pictures of my family. There are few things that are precious to me and pictures are on the top of the list. Once lost you can never regain them. They're gone forever.

I had but a few very old ones. Now that they are all that I have, I hold them very close to me. I've been editing a few so I can send them to the printers. It's good to have them physically - for good measures.

This is a picture of my niece taken probably two years ago. She's a gorgeous little one. Here's another one of her when she's grumpy like a troll:

That's my brother - Mr. M. She's his pet. He's now daddy of a 9-month-old tod. So he has no time for his French cookbook - you know, the one I 'borrowed' and never to be returned.


noble pig said...

Beautiful photos.