Thursday, July 3, 2008

Come & Say Hi

To all our readers,
Thanks for dropping by (we know you're there). We like to hear from you so please leave a message/ comment/ feedback after you've scrolled through our posts. We loveeee to hear from you so that we'd feel encouraged to blog some more - hey, everybody likes to feel appreciated once in a while. So don't be shy and drop us a note to tell us if you like our blog, or not. We can take constructive criticisms. :D

Let us know who you are and we'll be happy to drop by your blog. Thanks for coming by again and we hope you like what you see so far.

Happy Cooking!


Gillsnthrills said...

Hey! I've been reading your blog for a few days, and I really like it. I just started mine, and I'm also a twenty-something. Still working out the layout for it...

Monkee said...

Thanks Gills! Good luck with your blog. Let us know what your site is called and we'll come and visit.

Gillsnthrills said...

Sorry about that. I edited my blogger profile, and its public now.

I Cook4Fun said...

I found out about your blog about a month ago and really like it. I like the food you cook and also all your beautiful photography.

Anonymous said...

just a thought..... could you maybe make the pages shorter???
i dont like scrolling :O)
LOVE your work though..

Y said...

Just stumbled onto your blog. Am enjoying going through the posts. Also just wanted to say hi! Hi!

Monkee said...

Icook4fun & 'Y',
Thank you so much for dropping by. I love your blogs too and I'm honored to having you here.
If you have any tips on how I can improve my pictures or recipes, please let me know. Thanks again for dropping by & leaving a note.


Hi! I was studying some html to make it shorter - rather than scrolly but it was too confusing. @_@