Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm not a very picky eater. However, there are certain things that I do not eat. One of them is tomato, especially the raw ones! Back home, I used to pick out the slices of raw tomatoes from my burger/sandwich and pass them to my dear friend, Gillie whenever we had meals together.

My family and friends would occasionally receive cockles from my plate of char kueh teow. If I were to eat alone, you would see a row of cockles lining up nicely around my plate as I picked them out while eating. :D

The only time I ate bananas was when I had banana split or banana fritters. Somehow, I never ate it on its own. And there is absolutely one thing that I do not eat. Egg yolk!! *yuck* The only time I had to eat it was when it's scrambled or steamed. That's just because I couldn't pick it out! *grrr*.

Ever since I came to Melbourne, I've learned to enjoy different kinds of food. Thanks to my guinea pig and cooking experiments, I've become more adventurous and started trying food that I did not fancy in the past. I've begun to use tomatoes in my cooking. They actually taste quite good! In fact, nowadays I have them raw too. ;) Gillie will not be getting slices of raw tomatoes from me anymore. :P

For the first time in Cheeky history, I actually finished the salted egg yolk in my ba chang (made with Monkee) the other day. It's not too bad. I wonder why I didn't like it in the past. I guess I shall be eating the salted egg yolk from my mooncake (to be made with Monkee? ;)) in the future too! At the moment, I think I'll still say no to runny egg yolks! *run*

Eggplants, baked beans, oranges.. I'm slowly learning to like them. And maybe, just maybe, I might try some durians when I go back to Malaysia for a holiday trip. haha.

One thing still puzzles me though.. why would someone who eats everything, refuses to eat celery? I like it. Hmmm..

Is there something that you do not like to eat as well?

Quote of the day ~ Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today and Hope for Tomorrow ~


NooNiaN said...

hahaha...the "someone who eats everything but refuses to eat celery" sounds

Monkee said...

Nice pics Chic. :) Very juicy tomatoes

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That is too funny, because I like all the things you have not liked in the past and are trying to like now and I do not like celery! I am learning to live with it and I will eat it now, but I don't really enjoy it myself!

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Cheeky said...

noonian.. haha.. yes, u! n also gori :P

they were juicy indeed! yumsss :D

thanks jenndz! :D hehe.. i'm the opposite of u.. i love celery but i'm learning to like the rest of the stuff now! ;)