Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Miso Fried Rice

I like Japanese stuff. Japanese language, music, anime, drama, pretty boys, sakura, cute toys (domo-kun rocks!), colourful vending machines.. everything! Oh, especially Japanese food! All the yummy snacks, instant noodles, ramune, sushi, sashimi, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, unagi-don, katsu curry, bento, etc. Yums! The list goes on and on. ;)

I was out having dinner with my friends at a Japanese restaurant the other day. Instead of having the usual unagi-don, I've decided to order the unagi fried rice (I like unagi!) because I wanted to try something different. That was my first time eating unagi fried rice and boy, it was delicious! Then, it got me thinking.. it's cool that they have unagi fried rice, why not have miso fried rice too?

Say, has anyone ever tried miso fried rice before? Yes? No? So far, I've not seen it in any Japanese restaurants that I've been (not that I eat out often :P) I wonder how it would taste like? Since miso soup tastes nice, I think it should taste good too! Anyway, with that thought in mind, I've conducted another experiment in my kitchen. *grin* And this is the recipe that I've created:

Miso Fried Rice
Ingredients (for 2 persons)
- 1 cup of Rice
- 200g Minced Pork
- 2 small packets of instant Miso soup paste
- 2 Eggs
- 1 stalk of Spring onion
- 1 small piece of Ginger
- Garlic
- Soy sauce or salt

1. Cook 1 cup of rice in a rice cooker (you can also use left over rice)
2. Marinate minced pork with soy sauce or salt
3. Finely chop garlic, ginger and spring onion
4. Fry garlic and ginger in a pan till fragrant
5. Add marinated minced pork and stir through together
6. Dilute miso paste with a little bit of water in a bowl
7. Add miso mix into pan and stir through together
8. Beat eggs in a bowl and add to pan
9. Add rice and stir everything together (make sure you stir everything thoroughly and consistently so that the rice won't stick to the pan)
10. Add salt or soy sauce to taste
11. When it's done, serve in a bowl and sprinkle with some finely chopped spring onions

You can also choose to add any vege of your choice (e.g. lettuce - finely chopped) to the ingredients.

Taa daa! The result of my experiment:

I had a very satisfied guinea pig! ;) Enough said. Try it yourself today.

Quote of the day ~ The more you 'pass on' to others, the more you keep for yourself ~


Monkee said...

Yosh! I'm going to try this one soon. Maybe for tomorrow's dinner :P
So far I've been posting the dessert and you've been posting the main meals. Huahuahua...
Arigato gozaimasu!

Y-Maeda said...

Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !

Pinkity said...

Viva La Japan!! :)

Nihonryuri daisuki! Your miso fly lice looks umai and dare I say, do-able? shall attempt this sometime soon...

Thanks for the recipe!

Cheeky said...

hehe. yes, do attempt! n let me know the result! ;) hope u'll like it.