Monday, May 26, 2008

As Simple As ABC

I love bread. Very much. I was practically living on bread when I was a uni student. (The good old days) hehe. I ate bread everyday until my friends said that my cheeks were as chubby as buns! :P Anyways.. recently, I've been having sandwiches for lunch almost every other day at work. That's because it's simple to prepare! (in other words = I've been lazy). At the moment, I'm not getting bored of it.. yet. ;)
Here are 2 simple ideas for sandwiches:

Ham & Cucumber Sandwich
- Bread
- Ham
- Cucumber
- Margerine
- Mayonaise

A. Spread margerine on bread
B. Add ham and cucumber slices to bread
C. Add mayo!

I was trying to be creative and came up with my own dessert sandwich:
Nutella Banana Sandwich
- Bread
- Banana
- Nutella hazelnut spread

A. Spread nutella on bread
B. Add banana slices to bread

The result:

You should really try the nutella banana sandwich. It's so simple and yet it tastes amazing! You can have it as breakfast, lunch or even dessert! ;)

Oh yeah, if you have any simple ideas for sandwiches, do share! :D

Quote of the day ~ Happiness comes from within ~


rYn :Þ said...

i guess i don't have to learn cooking from mum anymore...
just follow the recipes here when i get to UK..HAHA!

ryn :p

Cheeky said...

haha.. yes yes.. u're welcome to try the recipes here! ;D maybe u can also contribute to this blog when u get there! u're 20 something now! bwahahahaa