Thursday, April 24, 2008

Twenty Something & Cooking

I'm twenty-something. I'm out of the house. Which means I'm armed with a wok, a pot, and a baking tray. Watch out world! This could be a disaster.

I speak for all the 'struggling' twenty-somethings out there, who are out of the nest and into a frying pan. Learning the ropes of stir-fry, pan-fry, pot-fry and hand-fry.

I'm constantly looking for new and, let's-never-forget, easy recipes to try. Anything that takes too much of preparation is out the window.

I'm twenty-something. It means I'm impatient, I'm economical (not cheap) and I want it to taste damn good.

About me:
I did some food styling for a magazine years ago because the editor thought it was a good idea to:
(a) cut cost
(b) exploit my creativity

Of which, I must say despite the whines and complains, enjoyed tremendously.

So now, having read and inspired by all you food bloggers, I'm going to do something radical - put my two-cents worth of kitchen adventures for the world to see.

Get ready to salivate!